heart disease risk and SNPs

In Science there are two recent reports of single-nucleotide polymorphism ( SNP) which give an enhanced risk of heart disease in white populations. These are found in the same tight area in chromosome 9 , in a non coding region close to two tumour suppressing genes. ( Science doi:10.1126/science 1142447 and doi : science 10.1142843 (2007).
Those individuals who carry one of these high risk clusters have a 30-40% increase in having heart disease and possessing both increases the risk to 64%.
Which is very interesting but does not say what happens if one ignores the usual prudent advise of not smoking, weight control, diet and exercise.
In the great Novel, “The confessions of a justified sinner” James Hogg , describes how a man belonging to a fundamental Christian Faith was told by his Minister that he was saved. So the hero went out and lived a raucous life as he was confident that he was eventually going to Heaven.
Does having a clean sheet in terms of predisposing genetic SNPs in ones DNA remove the need to be prudent?
Not worth the risk. The important pointers are surely there for us all.

Martin Eastwood
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