Global Food Chain

Nutrition on a macro scale is a compelling subject. The Television News frequently carries pictures of awful deprivation. A recent radio programme spoke of the horrors of the famine around Calcutta in India during the second World War when millions died.
Raj Patel has written a timely book
Stuffed and Staved: Markets , power and the hidden battle for the World’s food system. Portobello Books
He discusses the food chain . He emphasises the importance of our relationship with the land and the natural world. Global warming, in part, is the consequence of ignoring this.
Coupled to the excess number of humans alive today. Yet who can deny each individual their life
This very important book is reviewed in the Lancet 2007 vol 370 pp2089-90 by . Jonathan Porrit. Even if you don’t get the book at least try to read this captivating review.

Martin Eastwood
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