exercise for a small room

Exercise is good and can be a problem to do. The Royal Canadian Air force exercise regime is a superb way to exercise in a small space and 11 minutes a day can only be good.
There is a good article on this in FT com /weekend magazine July 18/19 pp 38-39 by Angus Watson

Exercise I

Stand with feet apart, arms up. Bend forward to touch the floor then stretch up

and bend backward. Do not strain to keep knees straight.

lie on your back with feet 6in apart. arms at sides. Sit up just far enough to see

your heels. Keep your arms straight. Your head and shoulders must clear the


Exercise 3

Lie on our front, palms placed under your thighs. Raise your head and one leg ,

repeating using alternative legs. Keep leg straight at the knee. Thighs must clear


Exercise 4

Lie on your front , arms under shoulders , palms flat on floor. Straighten arms and lift

upper body , keeping knees on floor. Keep body straight from knees, arms fully

extended . Chest must touch floor to complete one movement.

Exercise 5

Stationary run. Lift feet approximately 4 inches off the floor. Every 75 steps do 10

“scissors jumps ” : stand with right leg and left arm extended backward. Jump up and

change position of arms and legs before landing. Arms reach shoulder height.

Further details are available on the internet

Physical Fitness
Or www.gettingfitagain.com/5bx.php

Martin Eastwood
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