coronary heart disease predictor for UK, QRISK

It is useful to have a algorithm which enables a prediction of whether an individual is a t risk of coronary heart disease. The middle aged rotund plethoric faced cigarette smoking bloke is a cert for a coronary. But what about the others.
Hippisley-Cox and her colleagues in BMJ , 2007 Derivation: prospective open cohort study and validation of QRISK, a new cardiovascular disease score for he United Kingdom
Risk equations derive from the Framingham study in the USA. However this algorithm does not include social deprivation.
The QRISK score was based on 10 million patients in 529 general practices.
Risk factors wee
Smoking status
Systolic blood pressure
Ratio of total serum cholesterol to high density lipoprotein
Body mass index
Family history of coronary heart disease in first degree relatives
Area measure of deprivation
Existing treatment with antihypertensive drugs.
Back to our middle aged rotund plethoric faced cigarette smoking bloke, the football terraces are full of these marvellous men.

Martin Eastwood
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