protein degradation mechanism,

The proteasome,The 26S proteasome is one of the principal cellular machines for degrading proteins. Proteins to be destroyed are marked with tags in the form of the small protein ubiquitin, and when the proteasome encounters such polyubiquitinated proteins, it catches, then degrades them. The proteasome has, not one, but at least two hands with which…

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Huntington’s disease and ubiquitin

Huntington’s disease or Huntington’s chorea is a terrible dominantly inherited neurodegenerative disease. The basis of this problem is an accumulation of fragments of polyglutamine expanded protein in affected neurons. There is also in Huntington’s disease and Alzheimers an abnormal enrichment of ubiquitin . . Ubiquitin metabolism may be in disarray. Ubiquitin is widely found in…

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