Gene silencing and control

This does not appear to be of any relevance to nutrition. I think this kind of discovery is central to the future of our science. Nutrition may play a central role in these process of control. Maybe by the usual chemicals in amino acids, proteins carbohydrates and lipids or less directly with plant secondary metbaolitres.The…

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Control of gene regulation, ? a role for soya

Differential expression of the eukaryotic genome through cell differentiation or response to environmental changes requires specific modulation of its nuclear organization. These processes enable regulated genes to prevail against regulatory constraints of chromatin structure in which DNA is wrapped around core nucleosomes consisting of octamers of histones H2A. H2B, H3 and H4. Overcoming the structural…

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Gene control and retinoic acid

In cells genes are turned off or on according to the requirements and type of cell. Clearly an intestinal cell will behave differently to a nerve cell yet arising from the same germinal cell line. Yet the genes are the same.The silencing of genes can be controlled by the Polycomb group of proteins. These alter…

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