apoptosis and cancer

Letai (2008) Diagnosing and exploiting cancer’s addiction to blocks in apoptosis Nature Reviews Cancer H, 121-132Apoptosis is an important bodily function, but the control of which has yet to be associated with nutrition.Cancer cells survive despite violating rules of normal cellular behaviour that ordinarily provoke apoptosis. The blocks in apoptosis that keep cancer cells alive…

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autophagy and starvation

AutophagyAutophagy occurs when cells need to degrade their constituents. This occurs in most normal cells to prevent the accumulation of protein aggregates and defective cellular substructures. During starvation, high temperature, low oxygen, hormonal stimulation or intracellular stress (damaged organelles, accumulation of mutant proteins, microbial invasion) there is activation of signalling pathways that increase autophagy.The enzyme…

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life and death in cells, glycolysis and apoptosis

All organisms reqire energy for their activity. Central to this is glycolysis . Glycolysis is the pathway in which glucose is metabolised before splitting into two interconvertible 3-carbon molecules . These reactions take place in the cell cytoplasm. The first three steps involve reactions which lead to a doubly phosphorylated fructose derivative, Glucose 1-phosphate, glucose…

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