A sad end to a goat "wife"

A sad story.
Rose a Sudanese goat had been the focus of world wide interest since the report in the Juba Post in 2004 that she was forced into marriage with a Sudanese man. The forced marriage was the result of an intemperate relationship between a man who was drunk (so he claimed ) and the goat. To preserve Rose’s reputation the man was obliged to pay a dowry to the owner and “marry “the goat.
Everyone expected the happy couple to live happily ever afterwards. There are 178,000 returns for Google for “goat, Sudan, Marry “.

However the value of a varied balanced diet, even for a goat, was underlined when Rose died after swallowing and choking on a plastic bag as she scavenged for food scraps on the streets of Juba.
She left a grieving kid and the unrelated widow.
Times London Friday May 4th 2007

Martin Eastwood
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