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mineral waters and bone

The consumption of mineral waters is increasing in industrialised countries. High intakes of Ca and other alkalising cations as. well as a low acid intake are beneficial to bone. Wynn and colleagues looked to see which components of mineral waters are influencing their Ca content and alkalinising power, in order to define the optimal profile.…

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sulfur amino acids

This is an outstanding review of sulfur amino acids by Tesseraud et al .Sulfur amino acids have a very significant place amongst amino acids due to their numerous roles Protein synthesis is affected when an insufficient level of sulfur amino acids is available. This defect may originate from dietary amino acid deficiency and/or excessive amino…

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niacin and flushing

Niacin lowers blood triglycerides and raises high density lipoproteins. It also however provokes a burning flush sensation which is not comfortable. that the mechanism is meaited through the G-protein coupled pathway GPR109A.When niacin comes into contact with the G-protein coupled pathway GPR109A, a protein Β-arrestin 1 comes to the recptor which results in the expression…

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